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"These baked goods are not only DELICIOUS (I'm looking at you cheesecake macarons) but the attention to detail is amazing. From the sprinkles to the box the treats come in--every detail  makes the experience that much enjoyable!"

Angelica Ardines

"If anyone mentions sweet treats, Dolce Memories immediately comes to mind. From the product to the service, it's fantastic. In my personal opinion, the best macarons I've ever tried!"

Jackie Matsusaka


"Dolce Memories goodies are some of the best I have ever had! They are flavorful with just the right amount of richness. Soft and melt in your mouth goodness! Plus, they are gluten free with light sugar so I don't feel guilty for indulging!"

Laelda Desir

"I'm not much of a sweet-pastry kinda person but quality is distinctive and unmistakable and you can definitely taste that in her pastries."

Chanel Smith

"Dolce Memories has the BEST MACARONS I've EVER had! Before trying these I was not even a fan of macarons, but I now crave them! I first tasted them at a bible study gathering and have fallen in love ever since! Gluten free and tasty is just unheard of but I am now a believer!! Best desserts I've had in a while hands down!!!"

Elon Davis

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